Getting this thing off the ground!

I decided that’s it’s about time for me to finally switch out of a purely consumer role as far as my blog activities go.  Time to get to creating instead of just reading and tossing out a comment once every few years.  Enough of the lurking already!  The occasional previous comment or forum post has been under the screen name VegasChris.  Since my business name (Mershon’s Method Firearms Training) is out there now and my name’s been listed under thousands of company filings, no point in being coy about who I am and hiding behind a screen name.

I spent the last 12 years working at a filing service and took the last year off to get my shit together.  I’m working on getting a day job to pay the bills while figuring out the best way to do something firearms-related for fun and/ or profit.  In the meantime I’m setting this blog up as an outlet for my random thoughts, stuff I find interesting, and rants about the world.  The older I get, the more things I feel compelled to rant about.

Anyway, welcome to my place; glad to see you.