A Fallen Childhood Landmark

Some of my fondest memories are from the trips that we used to take during the summer when I was a kid.  My dad was usually able to schedule things so he didn’t have any jobs booked during a multi-week stretch during summer vacations.  He’d load up my mom, my brother, and me into the Winnebago and we’d take off for a road trip.  We traveled all over the country in that motor-home, and had some fantastic times.

I distinctly remember going through Big Trees State Park and visiting the drive-thru tree.  Unfortunately, the tree fell during the storms yesterday.  I think that trip was the one where we visited Yosemite and had deer wandering through our campsite.  Not a big deal to folks who are used to deer, but for a kid who grew up in an L.A. suburb it was really impressive.

My mom would usually have to call me up front to look out the windows because I’d have my nose buried in a book, but the scenery I remember from those trips will always stick with me.

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