Nicki over at The Liberty Zone has an interesting post up about all of the hollerin’ going on re: “Fake News”.  Couldn’t agree with her more.  It looks to me like headlines are much more extreme in the last year or so, especially after the election.  The other major factor is the rush to publish first.  It’s at the point where it just doesn’t make any sense to form a strong opinion on stories until you’ve let 24-48 hours pass.  The full 180s that major media outlets are pulling are mind-blowing.  It’s not one side or the other either, it feels like the gaslighting is coming from all sides.   I found a fairly useful tool that helps to cut through some of the clutter: the Allsides Bias Rankings (their News page is worth reading too).  I’m not saying I always agree 100% on their ratings, but crowdsourcing to detect bias is better than just guessing.

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