I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot……

CNN’s pushing a Quinnipac poll showing President Trump with a 36% approval rating this morning.  Yet, Rasmussen says he’s got a 55% approval rating.  I wasn’t a fan of the President during the primaries and I still don’t trust him on the 2nd Amendment (or the First for that matter), but I want things to get better for everyone.  I want him to succeed for all of us and don’t really think that presidents affect nearly as much as media (all types, not just mainstream or social) would like us to think.  What it really shows is that all polls tell you is the opinions of people willing to answer the phone and talk to pollsters.  The election was a pretty clear indicator of how accurate polling can be as far as I’m concerned.

A Weighty Issue

Browsing through this morning’s headlines, I noticed that the S.S. Palo Alto in Northern California broke up during a storm.  She was an oil tanker built just after World War 1 that was docked in San Francisco for 10 years before being purchased by an amusement company and grounded in Aptos, California.  The company failed during the Great Depression and the Palo Alto was later used as a fishing pier.  My dad’s a history buff, so I’d heard of the 24 concrete ships that were built during World War II due to steel shortages.  I hadn’t seen the Palo Alto during any of our vacations up in the Bay area when I was growing up, but it’s a bit late now.  More info on this odd little historical side road is at www.concreteships.org.